Scottsdale Artificial Turf. Best Fake Grass For Backyard

Best Artificial Turf For Backyard Installation

The best fake grass for your backyard will give your yard life and color. Do you like lush grass but live in a dry place or don't have the time to take care of a healthy lawn?

The best Scottsdale fake grass installation for your backyard can give your property the look and functionality you want with little to no maintenance.

There are different fake grass; the one that will work best in your yard depends on what you want and need.

You might want something that looks and feels like natural grass or something suitable for dogs and other pets. Or, you might live in a state like Arizona, which is boiling and dry, so you need fake grass that can handle temperatures in the triple digits.

Here you can learn a little more about Scottsdale artificial turf installations from Luxury Turf experts.


Types of Fake Grass for Scottsdale Artificial Turf Installation

Three types of artificial grass are prevalent. Each one is a little different in how long it lasts, looks, and is used for. Read the information below about each significant type carefully to make the best choice for your home and way of life.

Nylon: Nylon is a fake grass that will last the longest. It will last through times when it rains a lot, and it's sweltering, like monsoon season in Arizona, and still be strong.

Fake nylon grass is pretty stiff and hurts your feet when you walk on it barefoot. This option might be best for people who want the look of grass but won't use it for recreation or want a grassy area just for their pets.


Polypropylene: Polypropylene is another type of fake grass that looks better than it works. The material is cheap, so it can cover a lot of space, but it doesn't last long.

Polypropylene grass can be easily damaged by hot or cold weather, pets, and people walking on it. So this might not be the best fake grass for your backyard unless you're using it for a model home in a place where the weather is mild all year round.

Polyethylene: Artificial grass made of polyethylene looks the most like natural grass on the market. It looks and feels like natural grass, which is why it is one of the best artificial grasses for homes and businesses.

This is an excellent option for people who own property in Arizona because it can handle the heat, looks like natural grass, and doesn't need to be watered or mowed.

No matter what kind of fake grass you choose, there are ways to change it so you can get the most out of it.


Tailor-Made Artificial Turf Installation

Different fake grass has different parts that you can change to make your installation of fake grass perfect for your property.

1# Pile Height.

The pile height tells you how tall your fake grass is. Backyard putting greens, for example, are much shorter than regular length fake grass.

2# Color.

You can choose the shade of green you want for your lawn or fun colors like pink or blue. Artificial grass in colors that aren't typical could be good for day cares or places like pools.

3# UV-Stabilized.

A must for artificial grass that will be put outside, especially if you live in a hot and sunny state like Arizona.

4# Non-Flammable.

Artificial grass that won't catch fire is essential for homes in hot, dry places or for yards that will be used for grilling.

5# Heat-Resistant.

If you live in the southeast or southwest, look for artificial grass that can handle high temperatures, so it doesn't melt in the summer.

6# Stain-Resistant.

Artificial grass that doesn't show stains will keep your yard looking nice even after years of barbecues, letting pets out, and kids playing outside.


Best Artificial Turf For Backyard Installation

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