Should Fake Grass Lose Grass Blades? Scottsdale Fake Grass

Should Fake Grass Lose Grass Blades? Scottsdale Fake Grass

Artificial turf shedding occurs because there is a wide variation in the quality of artificial grasses. Multiple points in the manufacturing process present chances to mislead clients to minimize costs while also lowering the quality of the turf.

Find out why your Scottsdale putting green installation from Luxury Turf won’t end up shedding grass, why some do, and how you prevent it from happening again.


Why Does Fake Grass Lose Fake Grass Blades?

Grass blades from artificial turf may come loose if the glue has been damaged. Less expensive because of thinner grass blades and adhesive backing. Home artificial turf installation typically requires between 18 and 20 ounces of glue, depending on the area’s dimensions.

Some producers use far less. For example, to make it appear like there is more glue, the air is mixed in with it. Also one example is when businesses lessen the urethane content of their adhesive.

The weight is adjusted to between 18 and 20 ounces by adding filler. You may have to get used to seeing some shedding from your artificial turf years after a company has committed fraud against you.

It is common for artificial turf to shed some light after installation. Since each order is cut to size from a much larger roll, the turf may fray or lose blades along the edges. You could say this is the norm.


How Do You Prevent Artificial Turf From Losing Fake Grass Blades?

Maintaining a clean artificial turf surface is the first step, but there are artificial ways to reduce the chances of your turf shedding.

  • Discover who creates your grass by tracking down the places where it is made.
  • Be skeptical of deals with low prices that seem too good to be true.
  • You should investigate the company’s background to determine if you have a long-term match. The next step is to locate an experienced installer. When a corporation has faith in its product, they will put its reputation on the line for it.
  • Prices and quality might vary, so it’s best to shop around beforehand.


Luxury Turf in Scottsdale Can Help Your Artificial Turf Hang On To All The Fake Grass Blades

It’s no surprise that Luxury Turf was an early leader in the Arizona desert city of Scottsdale’s artificial turf market. Whether it’s an installation or the promotion of a product, we always do our best and never settle for anything less than perfection.

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