Will The Sun Melt Putting Greens? Scottsdale Artificial Turf

Will The Sun Melt Putting Greens? Scottsdale Artificial Turf

Given the current statewide heat wave that has caused power outages and record-high temperatures in Scottsdale, Arizona, you might be unsure whether installing artificial grass in your home is safe.

Your Luxury Turf installation won't melt at 105 or 150 degrees.

Learn more about your artificial grass installation in Scottsdale and how it handles the hot weather here.


Why Does Scottsdale Artificial Turf Not Melt?

The materials most frequently used to make artificial grass today, nylon and polyethylene, have extremely high melting points.

Although the melting point of artificial grass is generally between 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit, this might change depending on the manufacturer and type.

This means that neither intense heat nor direct sunlight will harm your Scottsdale artificial grass as long as humans can survive on Earth. Turf melt will probably be the least of our worries if the earth ends or the sun suddenly turns into a deadly laser, making it unsafe to be outside.


When Will Artificial Grass Installers Fake Grass Melt?

The turf may melt when temperatures hit 175 degrees or above, which can happen in two situations.

The grass could melt if you grill on artificial grass, especially charcoal. Therefore, setting up a barbeque on artificial grass is not intelligent. Ask the installers where the best place is if you plan to cook frequently or have a barbeque fitted.

If you have a gas grill and Scottsdale artificial grass for your yard, you may safely barbecue without being concerned about splattering burning coals. However, if you enjoy cooking, consider this when planning your outside area so you may install a grill where the heat won't damage your artificial grass.

Turf melts for a second (and more frequent) reason: sunlight reflected from nearby windows. But regrettably, it also doesn't happen very frequently.


Hire Scottsdale Artificial Turf Installers To Avoid Damage To Fake Grass.

Have no fear, even if you can't design around the issue. Low-E windows can have a variety of coatings put on them to get rid of reflections.

Another choice of screens, although it's possible that you won't like how a permanently installed screen on your window looks. Once more, we won't recommend any of the several coating and screen options available. They exist and will protect your grass from any potential harm.

Luxury Turf is knowledgeable about lawn placement, so your artificial grass won't ever cause you any issues.

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